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Mechanics (MDA)

Mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics–all important in their own ways.


Programming is hard. We’re still learning, so join us for the ride.


Different people like different kinds of games, but we’re all gamers.


The original gamers played tabletop. What can we learn from them?


No “PC Master Race” nonsense here. All gamers welcome.


All games have a story to tell; some more than others.

Nerd’n Out

Mostly miscellaneous nerd stuff. Geek out with us.

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News, mini-reviews, updates, and more!

About GamerLexicon

Just a couple of dudes trying to make something new.
Games are modern works of art.

Make no mistake, games are one of the truly modern art forms that have emerged over the past few decades. We aim to learn what we can from these masterpieces and apply it to our own creative work. Join us as we journey into the unknown on a quest to create something truly wonderful.

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A pair of gamers with great ambitions.
J. Louis
Josh Parkinson

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